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Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Saginaw, Michigan, is an evening guild which meets the third Wednesday of each month 7:00 -- 9:00 p.m. at the Second Presbyterian Church, 2665 Midland Road, Saginaw, Michigan.

Each year the guild enjoys hosting three or four nationally recognized guest speakers who present a program at our Wednesday evening meeting, followed by one-day workshops on Thursday and Friday.

Piecemakers Quilt Guild

Class of 1958

Class Reunion website for Judy's class of 1958, Danville High School, Danville, Indiana.

This website is currently being updated for the 50th reunion to be held June 13-15, 2008. It was originally written for the 40th reunion on June 19, 1998, and updated for the 45th reunion held June 21, 2003.

Artists, quilters, scrapbookers, stampers, beaders, crafters, painters...whatever your passion, our large and comfortable work areas can be adapted to meet your needs.

A restored, 100 year old church is the site of this new business in Chesaning, Michigan, opened in the Fall of 2005.

Choose either a weekend or weekdays to get away from it all and enjoy your hobby.

Creative Passions

SIG Meeting

This is a link to Larry Piper's Internet SIG (Special Interest Group) notes. Larry has been the Internet SIG leader since 1996, and he has posted both the agenda and notes for the nine monthly meetings. Also included are (1) downloads for relevant files, (2) a series of 'How To' Tutorials and (3) a Fact Sheet series.

This Internet SIG was formerly part of the Saginaw Valley Computer Association (SVCA), a computer user group of about 50 families in the Tri Cities area. The SVCA has ceased existence as of Oct 12, 2006, but the SIG continues to meet the first Monday of each month at Larry's home.

The Class of 1956, Danville High School, Danville, Indiana.

The Warrior, taken from the basketball floor at the S. Washington Street gym, symbolizes the pride of 80 graduating classes from 1910 to 1989.

This site was created for the 50 year reunion of the Class of 1956. It will serve as a pictorial memory of our past glories and a reminder of upcoming events.

Some of the pages (78 total) are: (1) old pictures that classmates have sent to me, (2) scans of everyone's pictures from the 1956 Yearbook, (3) pictures of past reunions and (4) a current contact list--as of Nov. 4, 2006.

Class of 1956

Double Ironman

Who   :  Larry Piper

What  :  Double Ironman Triathlon

Where:  Huntsville, Alabama

When :  Sept. 4-5, 1994

How    :  4.8 mile Swim
               224 mile Bike
               52.4 mile Run

               36 hour time limit

Why    :  No Fear !

Larry's Super Bio Site

This is a compilation of numerous individual web sites. They will include many aspects of Larry's life such as:

Education, Military, Professional Career, Competitive Sports, Surgeries, Clubs, Coaching, Family, Grandchildren, Hobbies, Quizes (Memory games), Genealogy, Urticaria and life in Indiana & Michigan.

Larry's Life

Midland County Hall of Fame

The Midland County Sports Hall of Fame, now in its 17th year of existence, has inducted 101 individuals and 10 teams to honor athletes, sports persons, coaches, administrators and benefactors who have made a significant impact on Midland County Sports Programs in Midland, Michigan

'Meals on Wheels', is Larry's 2004 summer project. He is biking to, visiting and eating lunch at all the Senior Centers within a 35 to 45 mile radius of Midland, MI.

This site will record Larry's progress. It will contain (1) a chronological list of sites visited, (2) a picture of each site along with comments about the visit, and (3) an overall map of the Saginaw Valley so you can track his progress.

The Summer of Meals on Wheels

Life of John R. Piper

A Tribute to John R. Piper, on the 25th anniversary of his death (August 14, 2002).

This website has pictures of his ancestors, his children, his homes, his work for the YMCA, his football days at Manchester College and some stories to keep his memory alive.

Finally, all 12 photo web sites are complete. Each site has from 12 to 16 thumbnails which can be enlarged to full screen. Links are provided to additional photos on pBase.

Each site, with the exception of 'My Flowers', depicts a one day visit to various zoos, museums, parks, etc, where we shot literally hundreds of photos with our Olympus C-2100 UZ. The 'My Flowers' website, which was the final one to be completed, shows 20 pictures of our flower garden during 2002.

12 Photo Sites

Nat'l 24 Hr

Who   :  Larry & Scot Piper

What  :  National 24 Hr Challenge

Where:  Middleville, Michigan

When :  June 18-19, 2005

How    :  Bike 126.7 mile loop 1
               Bike   23.7 mile loop 2
               Bike     7.5 mile night loop 3

Why    :  Because egos die slowly

What Does It Mean To 'get in shape'?

See the 6 criterion that are my answer to this question.
Check out your personalized conditioning regimen.

Also, learn my answer to the question:

'Doc, how much and what type of exercise should I get ? Also, how often should I exercise ?

(the Cooper Aerobics Point System)

Bowflex Aerobics Book Pilates
Weight Watchers Medical Cadusus Sleamaker's Serious Training
Cover Model Triathlete Yoga

Purple Hearts

This section consists of medical information for Larry Piper.

List of Purple Hearts (Medical)
Medical Records to include:
Doctors, Chronological Medical History, Weight

Piper's Blogs:

Larry's Left Hip Redo       Blogger       (created Nov 15, 2010)

Larry's Back Surgery       Blogger       (created Oct 08, 2008)

General Comments          Blogger       (created Oct 05, 2008)

Local News Comments   Blogger       (created Jul  08, 2005)

50th Anniversary

The Ironman, Super-Bio & Exercise sites were added 9-21-04.

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