Danville High School Class of 1956 -- Plus 50 Years !

Friday Dinner at Twin Oaks Golf Club

Kneeling: Bev Stephenson Jones, Sylvia Phelps Eastman, Nancy Parsons Ware, Jill Walter Poynter, John Porter
Standing: Don Hadley, Bill Strouse, Lloyd Good, Dwight Thompson, Joan King Kisner, Don White, Jim Wynn,
Deanna Gilham Thompson, Keith Lilly, Jack Stephenson, Loretta Cain Kirtley, Don Scott, Carolyn Anderson Goldman, Jim Ware,
Judy Walls Martin, Larry Piper, David Rhea, Beverly Threlkeld Oursler, Jack Mohler, Ann Trimble Teders, Phil Acton

Missing Friday night: Charlotte Graham Sherfey, Don Cline, Dick Hunt, Bill Sokeland

Don, Lloyd, Bev, Joan, Bill, Jim, Dwight, Deanna, Don, Sylvia, Keith, Jack, Loretta, Carolyn,
Don, Jim, Nancy, Larry, Judy, David, Beverly, John, Jack, Ann, Jill, Phil

Saturday luncheon at Train Station

Front Row: Don Hadley, John Porter, Jim Ware, Charlotte Graham Sherfey, Bev Stephenson Jones, Carolyn Anderson Goldman, Loretta Cain Kirtley, Larry Piper, Anne Trimble Teders
Back Row: Dwight Thompson, Bill Strouse, Keith Lilly, Don Scott, Sylvia Phelps Eastman, Deanna Gilham Thompson, Don Cline, Jill Walter Poynter, Phil Acton, Judy Walls Martin, Nancy Parsons Ware, David Rhea, Jack Mohler, Jack Stephenson,Lloyd Good

Missing Saturday afternoon: Beverly Threlkeld Oursler, Jim Wynn, Joan King Kisner, Don White, Dick Hunt, Bill Sokeland

Jeannie & Dick Hunt at Saturday night dinner:             Bill Sokeland at Sunday brunch: 


A total of 29 graduates (plus Lloyd Good from grades 1-8) attended one of the four weekend festivities. Ten have passed away, five others have provided current information for their own page (Dean, Elson, Hobbs, Jones and Peyton), three have been contacted by phone (Broyles, Kernodle & Whitaker), two are under state care (Janeway & McRoberts). That leaves five (White, Clark, Mann, Servies & Servies) still to be contacted and only one (Andrew) whose whereabouts is unknown.

Many classmates requested that, not only should this web site remain active, but it be expanded to include the latest news from classmates. I have expanded upon this idea to also include errors and updates to the printed Memory Book. All these ideas have been combined into a single page. This link has also been repeated on all the seven major pages, replacing the second from the left Warrior that previously held the reunion schedule.


Why do our high school experiences occupy such a prominent place in our memories ?

During high school, we develop the most vigorous adult bodies we will ever have. At the same time, we possess the least amount of sense we will ever have. This combination produces many memorable momentos!

Marilyn vos Savant, Parade Magazine, Sunday, June 11, 2006


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