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Month 2017-


Sep-17 Agenda
Sep-17 Summary

Sep-16 Agenda
Sep-16 Summary

Sep-15 Agenda
Sep-15 Summary

Sep-14 Agenda
Sep-14 Summary

Sep-13 Agenda
Sep-13 Summary

Sep-12 Agenda
Sep-12 Summary

Sep-11 Agenda
Sep-11 Summary

Sep-10 Agenda
Sep-10 Summary

Sep-09 Agenda
Sep-09 Summary

Sep-08 Agenda
Sep-08 Summary

Sep-07 Agenda
Sep-07 Summary

Sep-06 Agenda
Sep-06 Summary

Sep-05 Agenda
Sep-05 Summary

Sep-04 Agenda
Sep-04 Summary

Sep-03 Agenda
Sep-03 Summary

Sep-02 Agenda
Sep-02 Summary

Sep-01 Agenda
Sep-01 Summary


Sep-00 Agenda
Sep-00 Summary

Have - Scan
Have - Scan

Have - Scan
Have - Scan

Have - Scan
Have - Scan


Oct-17 Agenda
Oct-17 Summary

Oct-16 Agenda
Oct-16 Summary

Oct-15 Agenda
Oct-15 Summary

Oct-14 Agenda
Oct-14 Summary

Oct-13 Agenda
Oct-13 Summary

Oct-12 Agenda
Oct-12 Summary

Oct-11 Agenda
Oct-11 Summary

Oct-10 Agenda
Oct-10 Summary

Oct-09 Agenda
Oct-09 Summary

Oct-08 Agenda
Oct-08 Summary

Oct-07 Agenda
Oct-07 Summary

Oct-06 Agenda
Oct-06 Summary

Oct-05 Agenda
Oct-05 Summary

Oct-04 Agenda
Oct-04 Summary

Oct-03 Agenda
Oct-03 Summary

Oct-02 Agenda
Oct-02 Summary

Oct-01 Agenda
Oct-01 Summary

Oct-00 Agenda
Oct-00 Summary

Have - Scan
Oct-99 Summary

Have - Scan
Have - Scan

Have - Scan
Have - Scan

Have Both


Nov-17 Agenda
Nov-17 Summary

Nov-16 Agenda
Nov-16 Summary

Nov-15 Agenda
Nov-15 Summary

Nov-14 Agenda
Nov-14 Summary

Nov-13 Agenda
Nov-13 Summary

Nov-12 Agenda
Nov-12 Summary

Nov-11 Agenda
Nov-11 Summary

Nov-10 Agenda
Nov-10 Summary

Nov-09 Agenda
Nov-09 Summary

No Meeting

Nov-07 Agenda
Nov-07 Summary

Nov-06 Agenda
Nov-06 Summary

Nov-05 Agenda
Nov-05 Summary

Nov-04 Agenda
Nov-04 Summary

Nov-03 Agenda
Nov-03 Summary

Nov-02 Agenda
Nov-02 Summary

Nov-01 Agenda
Nov-01 Summary

Nov-00 Agenda
Nov-00 Summary

Have - Scan
Have - Scan

Summary - Scan

Have - Scan
Have - Scan

Have Agenda


Dec-17 Agenda
Dec-17 Summary

Dec-16 Agenda
Dec-16 Summary

Dec-15 Agenda
Dec-15 Summary

Dec-14 Agenda
Dec-14 Summary

Dec-13 Agenda
Dec-13 Summary

Dec-12 Agenda
Dec-12 Summary

Dec-11 Agenda
Dec-11 Summary

Dec-10 Agenda
Dec-10 Summary

Dec-09 Agenda
Dec-09 Summary

No Meeting

Dec-07 Agenda
Dec-07 Summary

Dec-06 Agenda
Dec-06 Summary

Dec-05 Agenda
Dec-05 Summary

Dec-04 Agenda
Dec-04 Summary

Dec-03 Agenda
Dec-03 Summary

Dec-02 Agenda
Dec-02 Summary

Dec-01 Agenda
Dec-01 Summary

Dec-00 Agenda
Dec-00 Summary

Have - Scan
Have - Scan

Have - Scan
Have - Scan

Summary - Scan

Agenda - Scan


Jan-18 Agenda
Jan-18 Summary

Jan-17 Agenda
Jan-17 Summary

Jan-16 Agenda
Jan-16 Summary

Jan-15 NADA
Jan-15 NADA

Jan-14 Summary
Jan-14 Summary

Jan-13 Agenda
Jan-13 Summary

Jan-12 Agenda
Jan-12 Summary

Jan-11 Agenda
Jan-11 Summary

Jan-10 Agenda
Jan-10 Summary

Jan-09 Agenda
Jan-09 Summary

Jan-08 Agenda
Jan-08 Summary

Jan-07 Agenda
Jan-07 Summary

Jan-06 Agenda
Jan-06 Summary

Jan-05 Agenda
Jan-05 Summary

Jan-04 Agenda
Jan-04 Summary

Jan-03 Agenda
Jan-03 Summary

Jan-02 Agenda
Jan-02 Summary

Jan-01 Agenda
?? Summary

Jan-00 Agenda
Jan-00 Summary

Have - Agenda
Have - Summary

Have - Agenda

Have - Agenda


Feb-18 Agenda
Feb-18 Summary

Feb-17 Agenda
Feb-17 Summary

Feb-16 Agenda
Feb-16 Summary

Feb-1 NADA
Feb-15 NADA

Feb-14 Agenda
Feb-14 Summary

Feb-13 Agenda
Feb-13 Summary

Feb-12 Agenda
Feb-12 Summary

Feb-11 Agenda
Feb-11 Summary

Feb-10 Agenda
Feb-10 Summary

Feb-09 Agenda
Feb-09 Summary

Feb-08 Agenda
Feb-08 Summary

Feb-07 Agenda
Feb-07 Summary

Feb-06 Agenda
Feb-06 Summary

Feb-05 Agenda
Feb-05 Summary

Feb-04 Agenda
Feb-04 Summary

Feb-03 Agenda
Feb-03 Summary

Feb-02 Agenda
Feb-02 Summary

Feb-01 Agenda
Feb-01 Summary

Feb-00 Agenda
Feb-00 Summary

Have - Both

Have Agenda

Have - Both


Mar-18 Agenda
Mar-18 Summary

Mar-17 Agenda
Mar-17 Summary

Mar-16 Agenda
Mar-16 Summary

Mar-15 NADA
Mar-15 NADA

Mar-14 Agenda
Mar-14 Summary

Mar-13 Agenda
Mar-13 Summary

Mar-12 Agenda
Mar-12 Summary

Mar-11 Agenda
Mar-11 Summary

Mar-10 Agenda
Mar-10 Summary

Mar-09 Agenda
Mar-09 Summary

Mar-08 Agenda
Mar-08 Summary

Mar-07 Agenda
Mar-07 Summary

Mar-06 Agenda
Mar-06 Summary

Mar-05 Agenda
Mar-05 Summary

Mar-04 Agenda
Mar-04 Summary

Mar-03 Agenda
Mar-03 Summary

Mar-02 Agenda
Mar-02 Summary

Mar-01 Agenda
Mar-01 Summary

Mar-00 Agenda
Mar-00 Summary

Mar-99 Agenda
Have Sum-Scan

Have Agenda

Have Both - Scan


April-18 Agenda
April-18 Summary

April-17 Agenda
April-17 Summary

April-16 Agenda
April-16 Summary

April-15 Agenda
April-15 Summary

April-14 Agenda
April-14 Summary

April-13 Agenda
April-13 Summary

April-12 Agenda
April-12 Summary

April-11 Agenda
April-11 Summary

April-10 Agenda
April-10 Summary

April-09 Agenda
April-09 Summary

April-08 Agenda
April-08 Summary

April-07 Agenda
April-07 Summary

skipped mtg.

Apr-05 Agenda
Apr-05 Summary

Apr-04 Agenda
Apr-04 Summary

Apr-03 Agenda
Apr-03 Summary

Apr-02 Agenda
Apr-02 Summary

Apr-01 Agenda
Apr-01 Summary

Apr-00 Agenda
Apr-00 Summary

Have Both

Have Agenda

Apr-97 Sum


May-18 Agenda
May-18 Summary

May-17 Agenda
May-17 Summary

May-16 Agenda
May-16 Summary

May-15 Agenda
May-15 Summary

May-14 Agenda
May-14 Summary

May-13 Agenda
May-13 Summary

May-12 Agenda
May-12 Summary

May-11 Agenda
May-11 Summary

May-10 Agenda
May-10 Summary

May-09 Agenda
May-09 Summary

May-08 Agenda
May-08 Summary

May-07 Agenda
May-07 Summary

May-06 Agenda
May-06 Summary

May-05 Agenda
May-05 Summary

May-04 Agenda
May-04 Summary

May-03 Agenda
May-03 Summary

May-02 Agenda
May-02 Summary

May-01 Agenda
May-01 Summary
Summer Series #1
Summer Series #2

May-00 Agenda
May-00 Summary

Have Both

Have Both



Jun-18 Agenda
Jun-18 Summary

Jun-17 Agenda
Jun-17 Summary

Jun-16 Agenda
Jun-16 Summary

Jun-15 Agenda
Jun-15 Summary

Jun-14 Agenda
Jun-14 Summary

Jun-13 Agenda
Jun-13 Summary

Jun-12 Agenda
Jun-12 Summary

Jun-11 Agenda
Jun-11 Summary

Jun-10 Agenda
Jun-10 Summary

Jun-09 Agenda
Jun-09 Summary

Jun-08 Agenda
Jun-08 Summary

Jun-07 Agenda
Jun-07 Summary

Jun-05 Agenda
Jun-05 Summary

Jun-04 Agenda
Jun-04 Summary


Jul-15 Agenda
Jul-15 Summary


Listen to Spike Jones: Wm Tell    I Went To Your Wedding     (Won't work with Netscape)

List of websites I have reviewed in the Blue Chip News. (You will need the BCN to read them.)

You can download the following files from here:

Program Size, K Date Description
slideshow.exe 39 Dec-2002 SlideShow quickie
RegCleaner.exe 541 Feb-2003 A different way to clean up your Registry
favorg.zip 538 Feb-2003 Puts icons on your Favorites
albxpr.zip 1,982 Mar-2003 Album Express, Ver 3.05
Belarc_advisor.exe 544 May-2003 Lists all the hardware & software on your PC
windowssprimer.pdf 750 Sep-2003 Beginner's Primer on PCs
SetUpPestPatrolHome.zip 5,717 Sep-2003 A working version of this anti-spyware
maxblast3.exe 1,850 Oct-2003 Reformat &/or repartition your hard drive
autoruns.exe 100 Nov-2003 What runs on start up
websites_tourbus_guide.pdf 64 Dec-2003 Top 20 Web Sites according to Tour Bus
Favtool.exe 460 Jan-2004 Convert Favorites <----> Bookmarks
ms-memory-diag.exe 541 Jan-2004 Windows Memory Diagnostic
reinstall+windows.pdf 353 Jan-2004 Tutorial on Windows Reinstall
installinghd.pdf 97 Feb-2004 Tutorial on Installing a Hard Drive
maxllf.exe 64 Feb-2004 Low-Level Formatting
wrar320.exe 966 Feb-2004 WinRar - an international compression tool
Win98_shutdown.zip 446 Mar-2004 Win98_shutdown
arcade.exe 484 Mar-2004 8 Arcade Games - '80s
chiputil.exe 128 Mar-2004 Chipset Identification
monitor_test.zip 1146 Mar-2004 Monitor Testing (by Nokia)
Shortcut Scanner.zip 493 Mar-2004 Shortcut Scanner
clave03.img 800 Jun-2004 Autoclave
rawrite2.exe 400 Jun-2004 Rawrite
Blondestar2004.mp3 400 Sep-2004 Blondestar
arcade-classic.exe 544 Nov-2004 Classic arcade games
arc_ll.exe 9,338 Nov-2004 Archives of Langa List
eicar.txt 1 Nov-2004 Test virus file
bin2iso.zip 9 Jan-2005 Binary To Iso Conversion
GameofLife-1.5-installer.exe 152 Mar-2005 Game of Life
free_dummies.doc 44 Oct-2005 Free Software for Dummies
lego_designer.exe 9,006 Oct-2005 Lego Designer
svca.doc 66 Jan-2006 SVCA Constitution & By-Laws (2001)

Please checkout my budding 'How To' Series:

  1. How To Clean Up Your PC:  Weekly & Monthly Maintenance
  2. How To Convert Digital Pictures to an autorun CD, in 32 minutes
  3. How To Convert Digital Pictures to a web site, in 45 minutes
  4. How To Create a Personal Icon, in 19 minutes
  5. How To Create Streaming Sound on the Web, in 24 minutes
  6. How To Download Music (Pay-For-Play), in 34 minutes
  7. (in progress) How To Create VCDs w/Easy CD Creator 6 & 7
  8. Format Your Hard Drive; Load Win98; Load Software
  9. How To Send a FAX
10. Use of ISO files to transmit software
11. (in progress) P2P File Downloading
12. (in progress) RSS Feeds
13. How to Paste any Icon, in 14 minutes
14. (in progress) Creation & Burning of an Audio CD

Checkout my new 'Fact Sheets' Series:

1. Adware & Spyware, 12-05-03,      Updated: 3-25-04
2. PC Configuration vs. Op. Sys,     04-08-04
3. (in progress) Browsers,                10-29-04
4. (in progress) Anti-Virus Software, 10-29-04
5. (in progress) P-to-P Software,     10-29-04
6. (in progress) RSS Feed Readers, 12-09-04
7. (in progress) eMail Clients,          12-09-04

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