flower garden

Photos taken throughout 2002
Comments about Piper's Flowers and Garden

Frozen Pond, March 27

Empty Rose Bed, March 27

Rose Bed, April 11

Primrose, April 14


Pond, April 14

Daffodil, April 17

Pond with Bulbs, May 4

Rose Bed, May 4


Purple Iris, June 12

Pink Iris, June 12

Clemantis, June 12

Poppy, June 12


Clemantis, July 2

Hollyhock, July 2

Pink Hollyhock, July 2

Pumpkin, August 22


Red Tea Rose, August 24

Hibiscus, August 24

Ball Fountain, August 24

Christmas Cactus, Dec 25

All photos were taken with an Olympus C-2100 UZ.
For additional photos see pBase.

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