So, why ride a bike to all the Senior Centers?

Well, it was a dark and stormy night! During one long Michigan winter night, as I was perusing my many maps, looking for differrent bike routes for the upcoming summer, the cosmic tumblers sort of fell in place. Perhaps it was my recent 65th birthday that provided the final catalyst to cement the idea in my mind.

So I set a goal for the summer of 2004 to ride my bike to every Senior Center within a 35 to 45 mile radius of Midland, Michigan. I would eat lunch, visit with the other patrons, take a picture or two, and then bike home.

Of course it helps to be a strong bike rider. It helps to have good and safe secondary roads, which Michigan is blessed with. It helps to have good maps, which AAA supplied. And it helps to have the curiosity and personality to want to meet with seniors. And you need to be goal-oriented.

The rules for eating at Senior Centers, at least for central Michigan, are:

1 - You must be 60 or over; otherwise you pay about $5
2 - You pay according to your income, but usually around $2
3 - You need to give each site a 24 hour notice of attendance
4 - Each county publishes a monthly newsletter with the menu for each day

So, you can see my chronological list of visits, or you can check out a spreadsheet of all the Senior Centers by County. You will need to use your browser's back arrow to return to this page.

The county spreadsheet will have further links which will provide a picture of each site as well as other details of my visit.

(For computer geeks only: these individual sites are an ideal opportunity to use database-to-web page programming. Stay tuned while I learn this technology. July 29)

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